Towards a topic groups on Robotics for Health

Published di il 2013-03-13
Towards a topic groups on Robotics for Health

The workshop takes place on 21st of March 2013 from 8:30 - 12:30 at the Forum.

Robotics for health is an application domain carrying many challenges for economy, research and society in Europe. In the perspective of the Robotics 2020 PPP, the euRobotics aisbl plans the creation of different forms of working groups. Topic groups in particular are foreseen as one of the main centres of activities within the association. The objective of this workshop is to investigate the possibilities to create a topic group on robotics for Health.

This workshop is divided in two parts. In the first part, researchers and industry representatives in robotics as well as end user representatives will present the experience they have in robotics for health and their expectation from the PPP programme in terms of involvement, achievement and organization of the topic group.

In a second part we will organize a round table with stakeholders to shape the topic group. The roundtable will debate about the opportunity to create a topic group, on the organizations and people interested in this working group, on the type of support they could provide, and on the points of view and expectations of stakeholders.


· Christophe Leroux, CEA LIST
· Birgit Graf, Fraunhofer IPA

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