Robohub: bringing together leading communicators in robotics

Published di il 2012-12-13
The non-profit ROBOTS Association, the producer of the ROBOTS Podcast (, has recently launched Robohub: link)

The vision is summarized in this short video: link)

Robohub brings together leading communicators in robotics to provide high-quality information to the robotics community and general public.

The growing world-wide team of volunteers includes bloggers from The Robot Report, Everything Robotic, Robot Launchpad, Autonomous Robots Blog, Stanford CIS Blog, Roboethics Info Database, Robots in DC, Robotgrrl, Cognitive Robots, Cultibotics, Robotpig, Robotland, and the Robots Podcast.

More information about our team can be found here: link)

In addition, Robohub produces and publishes content in collaboration with other robotics projects, so far including the Swiss NCCR Robotics (, the ShanghAI lectures (, and Robotics By Invitation (to be announced). As an example, you can see our latest Microlecture aimed at demystifying robotics and produced in collaboration with the Swiss NCCR Robotics: link)

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