The Robots Are Coming . . . to Your iPad

Published di il 2012-11-30
Brought to you by the editors behind IEEE Spectrum’s award-winning Automaton blog, the Robots iPad app (US $4.99, available on iTunes) is a celebration of mindful machines. The app features 126 of the most notable robots built from 1961 to today, including the first industrial robot, Unimate, the Mars rover Curiosity, and Honda’s Asimo. It is designed so that the casual robot fan can enjoy 360-degree views of robots, click through photos and videos, or see them perform actions such as NASA’s Robonaut lifting weights. Those with a deeper interest can also review detailed technical specs. The app, which is now available in Apple’s App Store, is also updated daily with news from IEEE Spectrum. For all the features and screenshots, check out the app’s website: link) and IEEE Spectrum Automaton blog(external link)